Get the Best Bang For Your Buck on Bid Pesa

Auction sites are the new platforms offering the most competitive prices for a wide variety of items. I recently stumbled upon Bid Pesa, an auction site with the most bang for your buck.

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How Bid Pesa Works

Once you register for a free account on the site, you get five complementary bids to get you started on bidding for your preferred item. However, you will need to buy bids to ensure that you get a fighting chance on the site. Here is a screenshot of the Auction Description on Bid Pesa.


Purchasing Bids


On your M-PESA menu, go to Lipa Na M-Pesa

  • Pay bill Number: 748604
  • Account Number: bidpesa
  • Enter your preferred amount and confirm the transaction. Each Bid cost Kshs. 10

You will then receive a confirmation on the number of bids you have purchased, and they will be updated to your Bid Pesa account.


After you have identified the item you want, click on the “Bid Now” button below the image. All prices start from zero and every time a user bids, the price increases by Kshs. 1. Here are actionable tips to help you in bidding and winning on Bid Pesa.

Identify the Item You Want

You need to save your bids for the items you need most. However, keep tabs on the Live Auctions section for new items. I recommend that with your first bids, ensure to bid for the BidPacks that you will buy for a fraction of the price then proceed to bid on your preferred items. Check the ‘Closed Bids‘ section to see how much users pay for items on Bid Pesa.

Start Bidding a Minute Before the Timer Reaches Zero

Being on Bid Pesa when a product’s time is almost running out is thrilling as different users place their bids. Bidding early will only increase the item’s price with few chances of you getting the item. Start watching the bidding action in the last five minutes and place your bids as the timer nears zero, this will add 10 seconds to the timer and should no other user bids, the item is yours.

Claiming Your Item

If you are the last bidder when the timer halts at zero, you become the auction’s winner. You will then have to ensure that you have updated your phone number and shipping address on your profile. The shipping address needs to be a place where you know that the delivery team will get to you or a trusted party.

Bid Pesa delivers the item in the next 24 hours, and pay the delivery team after assessing that the item is in proper condition. However, you might have to wait longer if you are in far-flung areas away from Nairobi and shipping costs will apply.

You can also sell the item back to Bid Pesa. However it would be better if they had a smartphone app, but we are yet to see the developments since it is a relatively new site, but it is making waves. You will also get 10% of all the bids your referrals buy. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on the hottest deals in our neck of the woods.

What are you waiting for? Register on Bid Pesa ASAP and get up to 95% off on all items.